Alluvial And The Community

Alluvial is committed to enhancing the lives of its employees, their families, and the communities in which it operates. Alluvial is working with both young people and women to achieve their potential by providing opportunities and skills for personal and community growth.


Through our extension services we share knowledge and expertise leading to improved farm yields and better business practices amongst farmers in the communities we serve. Our support has already helped dramatically enhance the incomes of entire communities with observable improvement to their quality of life.


To make the Niger Delta more secure and prosperous we have trained ex-militants in agriculture production to give them the opportunity to return to their communities as agricultural leaders and mentors. We are working on replicating this program across our area of operations.


We are also facilitating community credit and savings schemes, which will be run by community members in different clusters.


We have actively engaged with our partner communities on all levels, and have embraced female empowerment through agriculture as both a commercially sensible, and socially responsible initiative.  We see tremendous scope for the expansion of our support for women in agriculture and have already made tangible positive impact in this regard.

Health, safety and environment

Alluvial places high value on the health of workers both in and out of the field. We organize regular health courses and retain the nearest health center or clinic for workers. Workers are not allowed to carry out any unsafe practices and are fully equipped with Personal Protective Equipment. Alluvial agricultural practices conform to OECD and UN FAO guidelines for building responsible supply chains.


Alluvial provides regular training opportunities for its workers and they directly benefit from their achievements both in the field and our broader operations.

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